Least Desirable Zodiac Signs

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Virgos are meticulous. Virgos can be too critical of themselves and others, which can be off-putting.


Capricorns are type-A like Virgos, making them unattractive companions. Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and limitation, rules Capricorns.

This makes them goal-oriented and hardworking, but also rigid and uptight in their personal lives.


Water signs are intense, secretive, and deceptive, protecting their vulnerable side. Scorpios may seem unattractive since it's hard to break down their boundaries.


Uranus, the planet of creativity, insurrection, and unpredictability, rules Aquarius, the free-spirited eccentric.

Their peculiarities and idealistic ideals may make them hard to connect with.


Aries' impulsivity, decisiveness, and selfishness may make them one of the least desirable signs, romantically or platonically.

Their fiery personality makes them short-tempered and competitive, even with loved ones.


Family-oriented and protective, they can be too sensitive or defensive. Most zodiac signs are too sensitive. They can chat for hours or ignore you for months.

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