Loneliest Zodiac Sign

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Aries are autonomous, yet their competitive nature can make them feel lonely. Aries are competitive and distrustful. Aries will distrust again if deceived.


The most sensitive zodiac sign due to Neptune's spirituality and Jupiter's optimism. However, this sensitivity often causes severe isolation.


Virgos, the zodiac's perfectionists, reject individuals if they don't fit. However, their hypercriticism might make others leave. Nobody likes naysayers.


Cancer is the moodiest sign. Their mood swings might confuse others and turn them off. Cancers prefer family to socialising.


This sign also takes a long time to warm up to others, which hinders socialisation. But they like their alone.


They'd rather rest alone than socialise. Capricorns are likely to cancel last-minute invitations and remain home.

Scorpios are secretive. They're distrustful and untrusting because they presume others are likewise.


They may prefer their own company until they feel comfortable with someone.

Calmest Zodiac Sign

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