Lowest Emotional Zodiac Signs

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While Scorpio isn't wholly devoid of sentiments—in fact, they may have too powerful feelings at times—they also don't prefer to express them.


They like to keep their feelings buried, and it takes a lot to win their trust before they would allow themselves to be emotionally vulnerable.

Their national symbol, the Bull, depicts strength and stability, qualities that have served them well as they've steadily grown in their pursuit of dominance.


Workers are less likely to provide personal details about their life outside of work and more likely to discuss professional development activities.

They, like the fabled Ram, never give up, especially when it comes to power, putting sentiments aside.


They desire to be the best at everything, especially their profession, and may not care who they hurt.

Aquarians are emotionally cold and indifferent, choosing to spend their time immersed in their own unique and rebellious activities.


Capricornians do any work logically and keep the emotional side away from their work.


Deep, meaningful talks are difficult for folks born under this sign. In addition to that, but they typically exude a bored demeanour.

People of this sign keep their feelings to themselves and never express their feelings in front of others.


Geminis are naturally adaptable and watchful, qualities that allow them to tell fibs without busting a sweat when they need to divert attention from their true emotions.

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