Lowest Quality Menu Item At Seafood Restaurant

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One of the most popular seafood soups, clam chowder, has low-quality components. Specifically, clam chowder seldom employs fresh clams and depends on tinned.

Clam chowder prepared with canned clams may be the lowest quality dish on a seafood restaurant's menu.

There's nothing wrong with utilising canned products, but canned clams are low-quality since they contain a dangerous chemical.

In July 2022, the FDA found that canned clams had significant quantities of perfluorooctanoic acid, a hazardous, artificial "forever chemical" that breaks down slowly over time.

Based on the high levels of PFAS, the FDA warned people to limit their consumption of canned clams to 10 ounces per month;

however, the government body also noted that seafood as part of a healthy diet "provides many nutritional benefits that for children include brain development and boosted immune system,

and for adults, heart and bone health benefits, as well as help in reducing the risk of certain cancers," so you do not need to cut seafood from your diet.

You may wish to forgo the soup because of the canned clams. Clam chowder's flour, potatoes, and cream overpower the clams.

This means the chowder lacks actual clam flesh. Clam soup is "thick and heavy" and includes many potatoes. Not a good soup overall.

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