Lucky Colours For Each Zodiac Sign

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aries: yellow, pink, red

This time brings happiness and luck, therefore select rose, red, yellow, or white. Aries, you adore your family and friends.

taurus: pink, green, white

Taurus has picked turquoise, greenish white, and other vivid colours. Avoid bright hues and utilise warm colours to enjoy your lucky run.

gemini: yellow, green, purple

Geminis must wear Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, or Purple to honour the event. You like to celebrate with wonderful food, loud music, and friends and family.

cancer: yellow

Instead of powder, liquid cancer colours provide luck. Throw a party with delicious food. Remember to colour elders.

leo: white, red, gold

Employ red, magenta, greenish yellow, or soft yellow. Touching seniors' feet removes negativity. You'll celebrate festivals with friends.

virgo: orange, yellow, brown

Any shades of cyan, green, ocean blue, and royal blue are lucky colours. You favour family over colours. You'll be a great host who loves entertaining.

libra: pink, purple, white

Librans appreciate pink, blue, white, and bright hues. Start the year with your partner on Holi. New friends provide delight. Use violet, pink, purple, and white.

scorpio: red

Scorpios should wear Pink-red, Fuchsia, or White to attract wealth. Avoid water during Holi to get God's blessings. You're sociable and like celebrating in groups.

sagittarius: blue

All red, yellow, and gold shades suit you. Honor Shiva or a close instructor. You are cheery and make the most of everything.

capricorn: gray, blue

Avoid Saturn's colour, black. Turquoise, White, Yellow, Royal Blue for Capricorns. Give Saturn something dark. Instead of colouring, spend time with your family.

aquarius: green, blue

White, lavender, pink, and flowery colours suit Aquarius. Playing with water and colours is your favourite time to socialize.

pisces: green, red, pink

Caramel, Wildfire, Citrus, Red Mauve, and White offer Pisces wealth and luck. You like water, colours, and positive interactions..

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