Major Reasons Couples Counseling Doesn't Always Work

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not interested in therapy

If you arranged a therapist appointment to fix your relationship and are now dragging your spouse to therapy, you might as well stay home. Frustration will result.

having issues outside the relationship

A relationship won't recover until one or both partners handle outside issues. One spouse being addicted and the other cheating won't assist couples counselling.

want to win anyway

Couples therapy requires maturity. Pettiness, name-calling, and blaming aren't appropriate while you and your partner are with your therapist.

While most individuals recognize this, one or both spouses may come to therapy wanting to win an argument (or series of disputes) rather than resolve it.

partners have unresolved trauma

Trauma and PTSD may be managed with time and treatment, but if it's neglected out of fear, the person will struggle in the dark.

If one or both spouses need to work on themselves, couples' counselling won't function well. We're all bruised. Counseling can only go so far if there's a deep-seated issue.

they have different goals in life

Agree on what works and what needs work. Both spouses will circle their counsellor to obtain what they want if they have different goals and expectations.

the counselor is not fit

Couples who don't know what treatment or counselling they need might slow development.

Your relationship may require one of various forms of couples' therapy. Each method yields different results.

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