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Major Signs of Divorce According to a Marriage Counselor

Constant Fighting

Frequent arguments and conflicts can be a sign of underlying issues in a marriage that may be difficult to resolve.

Lack of Communication

When communication breaks down, it can be difficult for couples to work through problems and understand each other's needs and desires.


Cheating and extramarital affairs can be a major breach of trust and a sign that a marriage is in trouble.

Growing Apart

When couples start to lead separate lives and have little in common, it can be a sign that they are no longer compatible.

Loss of Intimacy

A lack of physical or emotional intimacy can be a sign of deeper problems in a marriage.

Financial Issues

Financial stress and disagreements over money can cause strain on a marriage and lead to divorce.

Disagreements Over Parenting

Differences in parenting styles or disagreements over how to raise children can create tension and strain on a marriage.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse issues can cause major problems in a marriage, including a breakdown in communication and trust.

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