McDonald's Defends Its Latest Controversy Meal

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Cardi B and Offset's lunch at McDonald's is a big hit, but not everyone likes it.

McDonald's franchisees worry that the married rappers' work together could hurt the brand's reputation.

Critics say that the campaign breaks the "Golden Arches Code" of the fast-food chain and should be stopped.

"Cardi and Offset are a famous couple who have been going to McDonald's on dates for years," CMO said.

"Our current campaign, which is all about love and remembering the great times we've all had at McDonald's, is happy to share a little bit of that with customers all over the U.S."

McDonald's USA once again showed their support. "McDonald's supports our relationship between Cardi B and Offset," said.

McDonald's franchisees think that the married couple's music breaks this rule because it has romantic and profane lyrics.

McDonald's also makes brand safety a top priority and is careful about what it posts on its platforms.

If McDonald's ended the promotion before it was over, it would lose a good partnership. McDonald's lunch deal with Travis Scott for 2020 was sold out all over the country.

On Valentine's Day, McDonald's all over the world introduced the Cardi B & Offset dish as the best meal for a date.

Included are a regular McDonald's cheeseburger, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, two drinks, big fries, and an apple pie.

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