McDonald's Is Bringing Back Retro Item

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Nostalgia is always welcome. We crave what we can't have, especially old fast-food menus.

McDonald's has recently revived long-lost menu items. The chain's unique Szechuan sauce, first produced in 1998 for Mulan, reappeared this spring.

A few months earlier, Blueberry Pie made a limited-time return. Recently, McDonald's brought back a dessert from the 1980s.

Halloween is coming up in October. McDonald's rumoured to bring back Halloween Happy Meal pails.

These nostalgic pails may be utilised for trick-or-treating after the Happy Meal is gone. The 1986 Halloween Happy Meal pails (McPunk'n, McBoo, and McGoblin) were orange.

By 1990, the pails featured a white ghost, a green witch, and an orange pumpkin.

Since then, several pails have come and gone, but none have bonded with customers like the masterpieces from the 1980s and 1990s. McDonald's no longer sells Halloween pails.

Nightmare Nostalgia claims to have revealed McDonald's October 2022 corporate calendar.

According to the leaked image, Halloween Happy Meal pails will scare consumers worldwide from October 18 to October 31.

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