McDonald's Is Bringing Back the Chicken Big Mac With Catch

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America is McDonald's birthplace, yet it loses a number of the fast food giant's best innovative menu ideas from outside.

Americans are currently envious of the Chicken Big Mac, a poultry-focused Big Mac that has only been launched elsewhere.

McDonald's stated that it will debut another Chicken Big Mac later this month in the UK and Ireland, disappointing Americans again.

The Chicken Big Mac's international triumph last year may surprise Americans who missed out on the newest introduction. McDonald's stated the inaugural Chicken Big Mac sold out in days.

McDonald's UK and Ireland's marketing head remarked, "We are pleased to bring the Chicken Big Mac back to the UK and Ireland."

"It sold out in just a week last year so we know so many people will be as pleased as we are that it's back this spring."

Fans might hope these temporary Chicken Big Mac debuts inspire the brand to promote the menu item in US. In summer 2022, the business tested the Chicken Big Mac in Miami, Fla.

Even though McDonald's Canada introduced Chicken Big Macs earlier this month, McDonald's has not announced intentions to distribute the sandwich countrywide.

In February 2021, the brand launched the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, later dubbed the McCrispy, into the chicken sandwich warfare.

This month, it released two limited-time McCrispy flavours: Bacon Ranch and Bacon Ranch Deluxe. McDonald's chicken selection will grow with its new Chicken Big Mac.

Customers who couldn't wait for the Chicken Big Mac may obtain something close with a menu hack and some more money and effort.

In addition to the Chicken Big Mac, McDonald's outlets in the UK and Ireland are offering a new Steakhouse Stack burger with two beef patties,

cheddar cheese, crispy onions, red onions, lettuce, and a creamy peppercorn sauce on a toasted bun.

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