Is Closing All Locations for a Day

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On Monday, September 19, McDonald's will honour Her Majesty The Queen.

According to the chain's UK Twitter feed, all UK outlets will be closed on Monday until 5 p.m. In the UK, there are 1,200 McDonald's.

Tweet: "All UK McDonald's outlets will be closed Monday till 5 p.m. to honour Queen Elizabeth II. Please check our app for updated hours and services after 5 pm."

McDonald's isn't the only brand abandoning U.K. sites. Primark, Harrods, Asda, M&S, Greggs, John Lewis, and Pizza Express will be closed or have restricted hours.

London's financial markets and banks will be closed on Monday, the last day of national mourning in the UK.

Her Majesty's death has been global news all week, but it signals the end of an era for the UK. Thousands have sent flowers, cards, and memorials to The Queen and Royal Family this week.

St Giles' Cathedral alone had 33,000 mourners. Her Majesty's final flight was from Edinburgh to London on September 13.

Monday is Queen Elizabeth II's burial in London, but many details remain unknown.

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The Queen's casket will be taken to Westminster Abbey for a funeral service and then buried in St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Up to 100,000 people are expected to visit her casket.

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