McDonald's Is on the Brink of a Big Change

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McDonald's popularised food-on-the-go and throwaway packaging in the mid-20th century. As the 21st century's cultural mood changed toward ecology, plastic's use gained criticism.

Jon Huntsman Sr. created the expanded polystyrene 'clamshell' in 1974. Jon was annoyed because the paper packing for hamburgers didn't keep the meal warm and spilled liquid.

McDonald's pledged in 2021 to "dramatically reduce" its plastic toys by 2025. Many of its eateries provide plastic-free alternatives like a book or cardboard game.

Kids are a minor part of McDonald's business, and everyone uses a lid, fork, or cup. McDonald's used 153,000 metric tonnes of plastic in 2018; just 2% was recycled.

McDonald's Japan will replace plastic straws with paper straws to reduce 900 tonnes of plastic trash.

The move will effect all 2,900 McDonald's Japan stores. It's been in the works for months.

McDonald's reduced their plastic consumption due to criticism from politicians and citizens in France and the UK.

McDonald's provides billions of burgers annually, harming the environment. McDonald's can't stop at plastic-free toys to generate sustainable transformation.

The corporation has to revamp its menu, introduce the McPlant, and offer less meat.

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