McDonald's Just Add A Triple Cheeseburger On Its Menu

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McDonald's doesn't represent healthy eating. The 2004 film "Supersize Me" even blames Mickey D's for the obesity epidemic in America.

McDonald's provides several healthful alternatives, including more nutrient dense Happy Meals,

but it still has energy-dense items like a pancake breakfast with about 800 calories and a chicken sandwich with over 600 calories even without fries.

How would the chain's detractors respond to its first triple cheeseburger? This triple cheeseburger may also be cheaper than some of their other sandwiches.

McDonald's triple cheeseburger could be testing. The chain's Illinois outlets have introduced it, but other states may follow.

As McDonald's website shows the dish, it may be introduced on the nationwide menu shortly.

McDonald's sells this $2.79 cheeseburger as a bargain. The burger or pricing may be a "limited-time special," thus they may change.

The Quarter Pounder plus cheese and bacon has 630 calories, the double has 740, and the large Shamrock Shake has 800 calories and 135 grammes of carbs.

If you forgo the fries or get the small version (230 calories), this triple cheeseburger might be an affordable dinner that won't exceed your daily calorie allotment.

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