McDonald's Makes a McRib Menu Mistake

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Motley Crue signed a "cessation of touring" pact in 2019. Fans purchasing tickets to see the band "one final time" know it's not true.

Rolling Stones and Elton John have been on last tours since the 1980s, but they've hedged their bets with fans. Fast-food behemoth frames McRib "farewell" tour.

"Good and terrible news. McRib® has returned... THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE.

The legendary sandwich is going on a 'Farewell Tour' providing fans throughout the country one last opportunity to

eat the McRib at participating McDonald's locations beginning Oct. 31 "company announcement.

The chain concedes that the McRib isn't dead. Instead, it's the fast-food business doing what it's done since 1981.

"We hope this isn't a 'goodbye' but a'see you later' Because McRib lovers know: you never know when – or if – it'll return "added link

McDonald's will return, since even the most sophisticated physicians can't keep Elton John or Keith Richards alive forever.

The sandwich only makes economic sense for the same chain at particular times and in restricted numbers, therefore it's generally a limited-time offer in a certain location.

McDonald's used a supply chain problem to create a McRib event. The chain has chosen to mock its followers with a bogus farewell tour, but it won't commit to it like many singers have.

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