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McDonald's McRib Returned Last Time Ever

McRib's back! McDonald's announced on October 24 that their iconic barbecue pork sandwich is returning for a limited period.

The McRib, which comprises a boneless pork patty, McRib barbecue sauce, onions, and pickle slices on a homestyle bread, had some teething pains before becoming a fan favourite.

The McRib was discreetly removed from the menu in 1983. The McRib became a menu mainstay in the 1990s, and its popularity has only risen.

Fans queue up for this sandwich whenever it emerges as a limited-time special.

McRib's comeback is bittersweet this time. McDonald's warns fans that this is the McRib's last Farewell Tour, meaning this is the last time they can eat the sandwich.

McDonald's advises consumers to "enjoy our legendary pork sandwich as if it's your last" Weird. What's the outcome?

Some fans are suspicious about this year's "Farewell Tour." McRib is like the fast-food chain that called wolf. People says the McRib's farewell tour began in 2005.

Over the last decade, the restaurant has routinely brought back the iconic pork sandwich as a limited-time offering, to customers' pleasure.

The company's Instagram feed hinted returns in December 2020 and November 2021.

Some question whether the "Farewell Tour" is really a marketing gimmick. If this is the McRib's last chance, fans shouldn't miss it.

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