McDonald's Menu Adds Three Unique New Items

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McDonald's offers new desserts more aggressively outside the US. In Finland, it's added a shake that Americans may find weird, Brand Eating reported.

The Licorice Shake adds licorice to McDonald's shake mix. The website describes the resulting dessert drink as "drab grey and futuristic."

The Cookie Monster-inspired Monster Freak Drink is a cookie-flavored, blue shake topped with whipped cream and crumbled Oreos.

While this dish isn't as indulgent as many freak shakes (several have cake or Rice Krispy treats on top), it's nonetheless a bright, maybe appealing addition to the menu.

Our global system follows a customer-focused strategy. McDonald's CEO: "This strengthens our brand and drives market share increases."

Digital sales, including mobile app, kiosk, and delivery, accounted for almost $6 billion or over 1/3 of system-wide revenues in the second quarter.

McDonald's app/rewards programme has helped it learn about customers.

Each customer reward and preference helps us personalise. We can produce relevant content and offers for our clients using this greater understanding.

By customising communications, McDonald's consumers feel more engaged, increasing expenditure and frequency.

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