McDonald's New Happy-Meal-Inspired Box Is Here

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You're an adult visiting McDonald's. No toy with dinner, right? Joking. Yes. The fast-food business is providing boxed lunches for adults, and each features a strange figure.

The meal's unusual moniker comes from the fashion company that collaborated with McDonald's on the campaign.

McDonald's says the box was inspired by childhood Happy Meals. Multicolored box with golden arches.

While supplies last, you may get the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box at the drive-thru, in-restaurant, through delivery, or on the McDonald's app.

Boxes include one of four figures. Three are creative variations on Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird, while the fourth is Cactus Buddy wearing a McDonald's shirt.

Monday's packed dinner toy was worth the $10 I spent. The prize's opaque wrapping kept the mystery going.

McDonald's says restaurant pricing varies. At a McDonald's near me in Charlotte, North Carolina, the burger box was somewhat more than the nugget box, but both were less than $10.

Buying the same culinary components and drink using the app from a location near me costs $7.49. The toy and memories cost me $2.20. You determine if that's worthwhile.

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