McDonald's popular McCrispy Lineup Is Changing

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KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-fil-A are more associated with crispy chicken than the Golden Arches. Nonetheless, McDonald's chicken is wonderful.

Chicken McNuggets, which recently turned 40, are well-known. Nuggets and fries accounted for almost half of the franchise's 2021 sales.

McDonald's offers more than the McNugget (though workers advise against the grilled chicken). A McChicken—a thin chicken patty, mayo, and lettuce—is a cheap meal option.

If you prefer a heartier meal, try the chain's fried chicken sandwich, a pillowy potato bread filled with succulent chicken and crisp pickles.

McDonald's chicken sandwiches had limited varieties until recently. Spicy and with toppings.

McDonald's has released two new sandwiches as part of a rebranding effort, which might elevate the already decadent meal.

Until recently, McDonald's chicken sandwiches had limited varieties. It can be hot and topped.

But, as part of a rebranding push, McDonald's has created two new sandwich varieties that potentially elevate the already decadent meal. The McCrispy is its new name.

The fast-food chain may think that McCrispy adopting the renowned prefix is significant enough, but also introduced two new sandwiches with the announcement.

The Bacon Ranch McCrispy has applewood-smoked bacon, buttermilk Ranch Sauce, and tomato and lettuce, while the Bacon Ranch Deluxe adds lettuce.

McDonald's fried chicken sandwich will be named a McCrispy from now on, but the additional toppings are only available for a short time.

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