McDonald's Quietly Launching A New Menu Item

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Chick-fil-A, Arby's, and Wendy's have been providing fresh-squeezed lemonade for years, giving consumers a sweet, somewhat tangy, refreshing summer drink. McDonald's may soon sell lemonade.

According to McDonald's website, the new lemonade will be produced using lemon juice and genuine cane sugar.

This new lemonade may taste fresher than Minute Maid Lemonade from the fast-food chain's soft drink dispensers.

Several McDonald's outlets have started offering the lemonade, and early testers are thrilled about it.

One TikTok user got to test the drink early and claimed that McDonald's will start serving it on March 8. "Fresh, wonderful lemonade," the user said.

The TikToker also noticed that it doesn't leave a nasty aftertaste, maybe because to genuine cane sugar.

"A lemonade enthusiast," she said the McDonald's staff informed her she'd be back for more. One viewer said, "I'm really thrilled to go grab this."

McDonald's web menu lists the lemonade as "New," and it should soon be on McDonald's menus nationwide. Small, medium, and large sizes of the drink will cost $1.49.

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