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McDonald's Ranks Last in Customer Loyalty

McDonald's is a very well known name and it is a very successful company.

To put it in another way, we can say that McDonald's is far ahead as compared to other fast food companies.

McDonald's today has 38,000 locations in 100 countries.

A survey was done on 5,000 consumers of north america on behalf of their recent fast food experiences and it was found that McDonald's ranks last in customers loyalty.

Customer loyalty defines the success of any company. And according to Surveray, we can say that McDonald's is not very luscious.

The top 5 chains for customer loyalty are "Chick-Feel-A, In-N-Out, Papa Murphy's, Jersey Mike's, and Raging Chain."

Consumers who have surveyed the value of their companies have either found or found that Chick-fil-A or Starbucks are the most polarizing chains.

Apart from this, when it comes to dessert chains, Baskin Robbins is on top.

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