McDonald's Spring McFlurry Is Strawberry Shortcake-Inspired

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When you exchange your winter coat for shorts and shirts, your dietary preferences likely shift. Fresh fruit and chilled treats replace winter meat stews in spring.

McDonald's is celebrating spring with a McFlurry and a spring dessert. McDonald's strawberry shortcake McFlurry resembles a classic strawberry shortcake recipe.

Customers may celebrate spring with a Shamrock Shake, but McFlurries haven't had many alternatives.

McDonald's also sells a limited-time mint Oreo Shamrock McFlurry that tastes like the shake with crumbled Oreos. McDonald's summer 2022 chocolaty pretzel McFlurry.

The strawberry shortcake McFlurry will debut in the U.S. after being on McDonald's Singapore's menu for a while.

As McDonald's has outlets worldwide, its menu changes to reflect local tastes and traditions. The unusual, pungent Durian McFlurry is exclusively available in Singapore.

The McFlurry won't have strawberries, despite its name. Vanilla soft serve, strawberry syrup, and Oreo cookie chunks make it.

Even without genuine strawberries, a strawberry sorbet McFlurry might launch in the U.S. German McDonald's tried a vegan strawberry McFlurry.

Strawberry sorbet with Oreo cookies replaced vanilla soft serve. While supplies last, summer lovers may enjoy the Strawberry McFlurry, which may never come to the US.

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