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Mocked Zodiac Sign


Virgos may suffer if their favourite lunch establishment stops serving their salad. A last-minute meeting postponement might ruin their day.

They could do better in public opinion if they could relax and be more spontaneous.


Aquarians, the zodiac's most eccentric sign, don't care if others don't like their weird interests, quirky style, or unusual worldview.

This makes them rebellious. Aquarius sees ambition, others see entitlement.


Explosive Aries hurt themselves. They're a time bomb when irritated. Aries' temper and impatience may scare others, yet many find it funny.


Leos may be so self-absorbed that they lose touch with reality, so it's no wonder others don't like them. They'll always start the party!


Geminis are twins, thus they might be two-faced or false. Thus, rumour and scorn surround them.

Worse, they chatter a lot. This sign's indecision can be mocked. Earth signs especially loathe having to do all the heavy lifting.


Cancer may be a crybaby, and nobody loves them. Cancer can be ridiculed unless they're among other water signs.

Extreme mockers will go out of their way to irritate Cancers for dark pleasure.

Misunderstood Zodiac Sign

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