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Libras are lucky. The UK Domain, an education resource that delivers technology and business skills to people and small organizations, reported that

more Libras (September 23 to October 22) were on the Forbes Billionaire list than any other sign.

Pisces was second with 22 billionaires, followed by Cancer, Taurus, and Leo with 20 each. With 8 billionaires apiece, Capricorn and Sagittarius placed last. Here’s the full list:

Libra: 27, Pisces: 22, Cancer: 20, Taurus: 20, Leo: 20, Scorpio: 16, Gemini: 15, Aries: 15, Aquarius: 12, Virgo: 11, Sagittarius: 8, Capricorn: 8

Alice Walton, the world's wealthiest woman and 17th richest billionaire, was a Libra. Beate Heister, daughter of Aldi founder Karl Albrecht, was also selected.

Success rates and birth month have been studied for years. In 2017, researchers at the University of Toronto, University of Florida, and

Northwestern University in Illinois concluded that September newborns are more likely to feel confident and attend college.

September newborns are Libra or Virgo; the latter ranks eighth on this billionaire list. It's not an exact science. Bill Gates is Scorpio.

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