Most Codependent Zodiac Signs

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Cancer invented codependence. These water signs' love and relationships are unstoppable. Cancers cling because they know they can heal anything.


Indecisive twins usually date Capricorns or Taureans. Geminis can't make choices, thus they may seem desperate or inauthentic.


Because they can't regulate their mental chatter, they'll say everything. Geminis are extroverted and lively, so they'll want you to accompany them to a wedding, the laundry, or the bathroom.

When Pisces sees a problem, they overcompensate. Perceptive and sympathetic water signs are loners, which may cause codependency.


Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius aren't Pisces. They seldom attract crowds. When they find someone who lets them be themselves, they'll do everything to retain that relationship.

Pisces will fight for your membership. They'll check in often, attend your party even if they despise it, and support your terrible behaviour if it keeps you around.

Libras, symbolised by the scales, are obsessed with balance. If that means dimming their shine, fine.


Libras are free spirits and don't like limiting conditions, yet they'll sacrifice their wants to make you the moment.

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