Most Common Reasons Couples Break Up

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you both don't agree

You and your partner have to decide where to live, if you want to have kids, and how to save and spend money.

afraid from lonleyness

Relationships also end when people are afraid of being alone and won't settle for any relationship, no matter how bad it is.

mean comments

Sarcasm and passive-aggression make it hard for couples to talk about their feelings. The comments may hurt the other person and make them dislike you.

you blame each other

We're taught to find fault when we're upset. It's easier to be a victim than to see our feelings as our body's way of telling us we're not growing enough.

you don't express emotions

Meta-emotion mismatches predicted divorce 80% of the time. It's not about fighting, but about helping your partner.

fight many times

You're more likely to yell at people you care about. "Violence is bad for people and relationships," so hurting loved ones may make them want to stay away.

you mostly blame your partner

They'll say, "I had to lie because you couldn't handle it." This kind of behaviour causes mistrust, anger, and fear.

major incident shook the connection

If your spouse doesn't agree with changes, you won't be able to see where you're going together, which could lead to fights that can't be solved.

don't show appreciation

Every relationship is hurt by taking a partner for granted. No matter what you think, a partner's worth is vital. Without gratitude, your physical and mental health will get worse.

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