Down-to-Earth Zodiac Signs

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Capricorns are focused, but they're also kind and helpful at business. Since they want to achieve, they'll be demanding yet sensible while helping others.


Virgos are the zodiac's perfectionists, like Capricorns. They strain themselves, not others. Virgos, another earth sign, are practical and logical.


Cancers are alone. These bashful crabs hide in their shells. They're not reclusive; they just despise attention-seekers. They're quiet and glad to let others shine.


Aries are autonomous and don't need anybody. This makes them seem friendly and low-key.

They may have a temper, but they don't care what others think or their errors.


Libras are well-balanced and levelheaded. This sign, represented by the scales of justice, can see all sides of an issue and stay calm. This helps them control others.


Taurus is known for being finicky about fancy clothes and five-star meals. This isn't their norm.

They labour hard for pleasure. They're routine-loving homebodies. They're the ideal movie buddy (and they might just provide some artisanal popcorn).

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