Most Emotionally Unavailable Zodiac Sign

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Virgo may not feel emotionally inaccessible, but their behaviours may make others think so.


These know-it-alls can establish a world record for spotting defects, problems, and weaknesses and recommending solutions. This selective attitude may repel emotionally sensitive persons.

Sagittarius' persistent cheerfulness is famed. This might make them look emotionally avoidant in particular situations. Sagittarians don't like heart-to-hearts.


The fiery archer, known for their naive optimism, avoids anything that might ignite their negative sentiments.

Scorpio should be called when you want to ruminate, not celebrate. They struggle with good feelings and prefer negative ones.


These enigmas may express anger or jealousy yet hide affection. Overwhelmed Scorpios may make a spiteful comment to a friend.

This symbol shows, not tells, devotion. These defenders show their love by saving for a new home or a fancy vacation.


If their partner's automobile breaks down, a superhero Capricorn will rush to help. These actions aren't always enough, especially for a romantic or emotionally vulnerable partner.

This indication has larger concerns than other people's sentiments.


These high-level thinkers adore debating large ideas, inventive projects, and unusual tactics to improve society. Aquarius turns away from emotions, intuition, and sentiments.

Outgoing, inquisitive, and exuberant describe Geminis. Excited signs are flight risks in relationships.


Geminis dread rejection and feeling imprisoned in all senses of the word: being smothered, wounded, settling for the wrong person, losing out, etc.

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