Most Erratic Zodiac Signs According to Astrologers

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They're fierce and always moving on. Aries are never dull, but they're fast. They're extremely unstable since they'll get heated up and burn out without notice.


These folks have mood swings and unexpected emotions. Their moods might change quickly. To control their emotions, they need to be cared for.


Scorpios are masters at switching. Mars, the planet of strife, rules their emotions, making them unstable. Water signs experience things profoundly.

They can't control their acts when these profound sentiments take over. They hit like a tidal wave, wrecking everything, yet it's all sunshine and flowers soon after.


Libras are bad decision-makers. They continually evaluate options and switch plans.

You'll circle them until you're both annoyed. Don't let them choose since they'll likely follow the crowd and please others.


Spontaneous Sagittarius prefers self-direction. They seek new experiences to live life fully since they hate feeling constrained.

They're unpredictable but enjoyable. Their fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach might seem unpredictable to others.


Taurians can't slow down with a million ideas. Keeping them committed is hard since they're always looking forward.

Their unpredictable, reckless behavior might affect their relationships.

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