Most Free-Spirited Zodiac Signs

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They're typically cheerful and upbeat. They prefer to be happy and worry-free. Libras try to enhance their lives.


Sagittarius likes adventure and is constantly on the go. This gives them a spirit that follows the "wind of excitement" wherever it goes.


We can also call Geminis social butterflies and this is the most open minded zodiac sign on this list.

Geminis are bold and unpredictable. This sign pursues their passion and adventure to live their greatest life.


This water sign is of creative mind which helps them to live life freely.

Pisces are always cheerful. They are emotional, but they don't carry a heavy burden in their life and just do activities that make them joyful.


Leos try to make what they want theirs at any cost.

Leos always put oneself first for their own joy and health. They'll never explain for who they are.


Aquarians are known for their free minded nature and get what they want and when they want.

Aquarians are original thinkers who reject the status quo's status quo. They are not obedient and actively avoid conventional hobbies in favour of novel ones.

One Word That Sums Up Every Zodiac Sign

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