Most High-Maintenance Zodiac Signs

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Scorpios are obstinate and fixed in their ways, as well as unyielding in their demands and requirements.


They are motivated and ambitious individuals who expect the same of their spouses.

The pair will not be content until they have attained financial success as a couple. Being in a relationship with a Capricorn is more difficult than working for a boss with this disposition.


This arrogant, egotistical fire sign enjoys being the centre of attention, so they have no issue imposing their will and demanding what they desire.

Even in love relationships, they have a propensity to focus only on themselves, leaving their partner feeling ignored and even furious.


They aren't themselves until they are dressed to the nines. As a result, Taurus' loved ones and suitors may find it challenging to meet his or her wants.


It is not unusual for a Virgo to request assistance from their spouse and then criticise the aid delivered.

They have incredibly high standards and cannot work with slackers or forgetful individuals.


Because they battle with emotions of inadequacy and sensitivity, they have a propensity to be too possessive and clingy.

Cancer can't seem to keep their cool, even when they know their partner is in the middle of something.

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