Most Likely to Stand You Up Zodiac Sign

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They want to leave quickly and avoid getting involved. This makes them more likely to just disappear after a few dates or not show up for plans without giving a reason.


Cancers have a hard time setting limits because they are sensitive. Because the Moon's moods change quickly, they are easy to change.


Sagittarius likes to meet new people and try new things. They might not show up because they want to be busy.


Taureans, however, place a premium on their own sense of well-being above all else, and Venus, the planet of opulence and pleasure, is their ruling planet.


You may get a peek of their cruel side if they are willing to miss a date or ditch their friends for a new opportunity.

They never stick to one thing, but they never provide a rationale, which leaves others guessing about what they are doing.


The planet that symbolises change and instability is the zodiac sign that is most likely to break up with you.

People are inclined to prioritise their own requirements over those of others because of the free-spirited and independent nature that is associated with the air element.

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