Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign

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Venus rules Taurus. They desire companionship and are loyal (sometimes too much).

If they're alone for too long or their spouse isn't affectionate, they grow lonely. Earth signs are self-sufficient yet appreciate a mate.


Scorpio would survive alone. Scorpio's lips and emotions remain locked until they trust you.

Scorpios fall in love slowly yet completely. Water signs have strong, uncontrollable emotions. Falling makes them love profoundly.


They show emotion. If you stand in Leos' way of love, beware.


Water signs are sensitive and nurturing, yet they might get attached quickly. Even a moment alone might make them anxious.

This may be overpowering if the other person isn't on board, and their infatuation can often outlast the partnership.


Libra, like Taurus, is controlled by Venus and swoons for everyone. Schmidt believes they may easily become caught up in a love tale, whether real or imagined.


Water signs might get caught up in their fantasies and emotions. Blending into their partner, they might become fully immersed in the connection,

even if it is unrequited love. When their love isn't reciprocated, they might become obsessed.

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