Most Malicious Zodiac Sign

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Twins have two viewpoints or ideas on any topic, but in their shadow manifestation, they may just share what's in their best interest or utter cruel things.


Scorpio's intensity and desire to exaggerate is often misconstrued. This intriguing sign remembers every insult and devises complex schemes for revenge.


Mars rules Aries, who likes to win and puts oneself on a pedestal. They're easily angered if someone shakes their crown.

If offended, an Aries' remarks may crush self-confidence and cause years of suffering. Behind the harshness is someone who wants to be understood and valued.


Easygoing and chill Taurus look harmless until you hurt what they love. When this earth sign exploits your weaknesses, chaos ensues.

The Taurus sign can be severe if they feel neglected or backstabbed, but they usually lash out because to a bruised heart.


Despite being emotionally aware about relationships and friendships, this air sign typically isolates oneself from loved ones due to a lack of empathy.

At times, they develop a superiority complex. Their cerebral restlessness can make them feel almighty, as if they know everything and everyone else is inferior.


Cancer is the sign of the crab, and you don't want to offend or unsettle one of these critters.

Cancerian humans respond immediately to practically anything, including positive things.

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hurt Your Feelings

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