Most Oblivious Zodiac Sign

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Tauruses are kind and dependable. They'll be the first to pay you a visit if you're having a poor day. Their choices are always rational.


If anything contradicts their reasoning, they will become dogmatic and lose sight of the situation.

Multitasking is Geminis' forte. While talking, they may overlook a boiling kettle or a forgotten appointment.


Sagittarians love opportunity and adventure. It's dangerous. They don't care if someone is cheating on them. The Archer ignores forged offers.


They overthink everything. They may be engaged with pouring drinks at their party and appear indifferent.


They may take the wrong bus and end up across town, assume it's Saturday and skip work, misread a Tinder match and sit next to them, or buy tickets to Austria instead of Australia."


They like surprising people yet are unaware of their own beauty. They are oblivious to the views of others. Like Pisces, Aquarius is easily sidetracked.


They look to be completely zoned out while they spend time imagining and developing a better way to achieve something or a new fashion trend.

Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Live A Secret Life

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