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Most Popular Fast Food Chicken Chains


It was easy to put Popeyes first. Popeyes has the best chicken and sides in New Orleans style. Any Popeyes sauce makes a chicken chain taste great.

El Pollo Loco

The only thing on this list that isn't fried is good. I'm sticking with El Pollo Loco as the number two fast food place for Mexican food. Rice from Spain! Salsa bar!


Wingstop isn't WingStreet. I want everyone to know what I'm saying. WingStreet is the ghost of Pizza Hut, and it doesn't belong here.

Wingstop is better because they cook chicken to order and serve it with a variety of tasty sauces, like Korean barbecue and lemon pepper. Wingstop is good.


This site doesn't get enough credit. Even though Jollibee is a drive-through pasta place, they have good fried chicken. The same goes for Sriracha sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

As in chicken sandwich battles, he gave us a sandwich that was surprisingly good, and those 11 spice mixes are calling me more frequently than ever.

Chicken Guy

I've never eaten at Guy Fieri's slowly growing chain Chicken Guy. I bought all 22 of the chain's pasta dishes because I'm crazy.


Chick-fil-A amazes me. People go crazy over this place. What's the big deal? Chick-fil- A Sauce is a home run in space.


Even though the morning biscuits and sweet potato pie are great, they can't make up for the fact that Bo's main dish isn't very good. Nice ranch dressing.


No idea. I have never liked this place. The chicken isn't as good as KFC or Popeyes, and all but one of the Buffalo sauces is awful.

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