Most Superstitious Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

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Virgo's perfectionism causes their superstitions, not their type-A personality.

They must fluff their pillows and turn off all lights before leaving the house. Virgo fears chaos if everything isn't in order.


Aquarius is the oddest sign. They are unique and view life through a completely abstract lens, carrying the energy of the broad-thinking air element with them.


Justice scales represent Libras. This deep-thinking air sign seeks balance in all areas of life.

To avoid disaster, they look for meanings and patterns in their daily lives and follow routines.


Scorpios love dark, scary, and mysterious things, including superstitions "Pluto-ruled. Thus, superstitions and supernatural beliefs are mostly protective.


The Moon rules this sensitive and emotional water sign, so they feel cosmic energies and vibrations Cancers are highly malleable and can be too influenced by others.


Astrologers say Pisces are mystical. The most spiritual zodiac sign, this esoteric water sign values all things occult.

They believe in the power of the universe and are more susceptible to folklore and superstitions.

The Spaciest Zodiac Sign

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