Mountain Dew's New Flavor Just Dropped in Menu

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If someone from the past travelled to 2022, they may intervene with America's Big Snack business.

This perplexed traveller grabbed a jar of spicy dill pickles and a bag of crinkle-cut potato chips and stated that two products in the same store don't need to be Frankensteined.

At the typical bodega, the tyranny of choice reigns without this hypothetical voice of reason. Twitter marketing's crazy brand alliances are more of an assault than a windfall.

Mountain Dew may offer the oddest tastes in the soda fridge.

Fruitcake is festive regardless of your opinion. The preservative-filled grocery store fruitcake lingers, but we've had many good fruitcake experiences.

The Swiss Colony's fruitcake is "thick combination of fruits, nuts, and just enough rich cake to keep them together" and "one of the few baked delicacies that may benefit from age."

Fruitcake inspired Mountain Dew's new Fruit Quake flavour, which debuted before Thanksgiving amid these crazy times.

The dark-red beverage in holiday-themed bottles and cans is "making fruitcake cool again," according to the company.

According to Mountain Dew's Wiki Fandom page, the limited-edition beverage follows Holiday Brew, Merry Mash-Up, Gingerbread Snap'd, and Cobra Cane from previous Christmases.

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