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New Costco Dessert Making Cookie Lovers Swoon

Another Costco delight! The warehouse merchant sells key lime pie and All American chocolate cakes.

Now that fall is here, you'll soon be planning your holiday spreads, which means Costco's bakery goods will play a crucial part.

Stores are already planning for Christmas, even though Thanksgiving is far away. Aldi's advent calendars return in November. Costco has a new Christmas release.

The popular account recently shared a new holiday treat. It's not pumpkin spice-flavored, but cookie fans will enjoy it.

Warehouse sells four-packs of small cookie skillets. $19.99 gets you Nestle Toll House cookie mix and a tiny cast-iron pan.

To make the hot, gooey dessert, just add butter and water. Mini baking pans make dessert hour more exciting for us.

The crimson ribbon and snowflake-covered box make this the perfect Christmas gift for dessert lovers.

One user said, "Omg I'm sending this to myself, this is too cute." Another said, "This would make a terrific hostess gift. I get so bored of simply bringing a bottle of wine!"

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