New Hot Dogs Just Spotted On Subways' Menu

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Hot dogs have long been debated as sandwiches. A rumour is circulating that some Subway outlets provide hot dogs.

A specialty group member found hot dogs in a steamer tray on a Subway production line in a West Palm Beach Walmart, according to a Facebook post.

Alongside deli meats, cheeses, and condiments, a steamer tray held seven hot dogs.

Subway's $3.99 value bundle includes a Nathan's Famous hot dog, a soft pretzel, and a drink, according to one employee.

Like many American fast food franchises, Subway has a same layout and menu.

However, Walmart Subways have several exclusions. Subway sells pretzels and pizzas at smaller franchises, but not nationwide.

Sandwich companies have tested new menu items at Walmarts to attract customers and boost sales. Walmart stores have struggled owing to fewer foot traffic and profitability due to pandemics.

In 2021, Nathan's Famous partnered with Ghost Kitchen Brands to open 60 non-traditional U.S. sites, including Walmart shops. Nathan's has been at Walmart before, but this is the first Subway outlet.

A Subway employee told The Takeout that several Walmart outlets serve Nathan's Famous hot dogs, but Subway has not confirmed this.

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