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Nuggets Chains that don't use 100% pure chicken


Surprise! McNuggets aren't simply chicken. McDonald's grinds all-white chicken and adds spice and skin. Slime? No. Whole-chicken boots? No.

Burger King

Burger King's chicken is not 100% pure. Its chicken pieces are very big, which are very difficult to fry.


Whataburger is made with 100% pure chicken and mixed with 12% water. Three Whatachick'n Strips contain 1,470 calories. Fritters aren't chicken tenders.

Dairy Queen

Chicken Strips from Dairy Queen aren't totally meat. The truth is uncooked chicken tenderloin fritters with up to 18% water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, and sodium phosphates.


Up to 20% mixture of: water, modified food starch, sodium phosphates, chicken stock powder, chicken at, naturally flavour, salt, seasoning, sunflower oil," the "meat" passed.


In Domino's Pizza chains, you will be told that this chicken is 100% pure, but it does not happen, many things are mixed inside it.

The more detailed (and harder to locate) ingredients page lists skinless chicken breast pieces with rib meat, wheat bread, water, and modified food starch. Before the breading ingredients.

White Castle

Sliders are healthier than Chicken Rings. Chicken isn't round. After "chicken breast with rib meat" and before the breading, it doesn't have these ingredients: salt

sodium phosphates, modified food starch (corn, potato), carrageenan, powdered cooked chicken, sunflower seeds, maltodextrin, chicken broth, milk powder, and more.

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