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Nutella Just Launched 2 New Treats in the U.S.

Nutella can be eaten on toast, with fruit, or on a crêpe. Two more ways to enjoy the chocolate hazelnut spread.

The firm is releasing two new US products on Feb. 5 to mark World Nutella Day, a fan-created event. Both goods are new to Americans yet enjoyed by many worldwide.

Nutella B-Ready, the first item, is a light, crispy wafer shell filled with Nutella and puffed wheat chips.

The individually wrapped, bar-shaped snack will be sold in 2-count packs for $1.89 or 6-count packs for $3.99 at major stores. This spring, major club stores will sell a 36-count bundle for $13.99.

Nutella Biscuits are golden biscuits filled with Nutella. Each biscuit has a "n"-stamped heart, like a sandwich cookie.

A 20-count resealable package of cookies will cost $4.79. If your mouth is watering, both new goods are available nationwide and online this month.

The company's first new U.S. goods in 11 years are Nutella B-Ready and Biscuits. Nutella & GO!, a snack pack comprising breadsticks and Nutella, was debuted in 2012.

"We are happy to be releasing Nutella B-Ready and Nutella Biscuits in the U.S.," said senior vice president of spreads.

The cookie aisle has more than Nutella's new snacks. Oreo introduced its next limited-time flavour last week.

The new "Most Oreo Oreo" cookie has two chocolate wafers sandwiched between two "Most Stuf" crème with ground-up Oreo crumbs.

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