NYC Restaurant That Was Sued Over Rat Soup

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More restaurants than ever are dealing with rats. In 2021, a 15% spike in NYC's rodent complaints, and many companies were cited for infestations.

After a rat infestation in one of its plants exposed products to salmonella, Canada's Bistak Enterprises issued a huge food recall in January.

Months later, a woman posted a persuasive video accusing Popeyes of giving her fried rat instead of chicken. Popeyes, if that was chicken, why the tail?

Another establishment was devastated when a married couple claimed they spotted a little dead rodent in their soup. The eatery denied an infestation, but a health investigation showed otherwise.

"Rat soup" wrecked a NYC couple's appetite. They spotted a dead mouse in their soup after being proud Gammeeok regulars in Midtown Manhattan for almost a decade.

In an interview, the restaurant said that they had reviewed security footage from that day and did not observe a rat in anyone's soup or in the kitchen.

Gammeeok offered the pair a $100 coupon for Korean food, but they chose to sue instead.

The restaurant earned 15 health violations in January for rat droppings and "sanitary concern of flies." Gammeeok is closed indefinitely since it hasn't changed much since its last health inspection.

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