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Officials Are Banning This Food at Airports

As people return to the skies after the epidemic, the fight to improve airports continues.

The Transportation Screening Administration (TSA) has announced a roughly $1 billion revamp of technology at security checkpoints throughout the U.S. Nearly 1,000 units should be deployed by summer.

New scanners will cut security lineups by enabling workers to check bags without removing common goods.

The scanners generate such a clear image of a bag's contents that computers can instantly identify explosives, even liquids.

Not just the security line is changing. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said on May 12 that it will push down on merchants charging too much for airport concessions.

New guidelines will prohibit exorbitantly priced food and drink goods at Newark's Liberty Airport and New York City's LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy Airports.

 All purchases must be within an acceptable range of "street rates" offered by companies outside the airports. Changes restrict surcharges to 10%.

"All airport consumers can anticipate that food and beverage price regulations will be observed and enforced," stated the Port Authority chairman.

"All concession fees will be constantly evaluated to ensure they fit the area marketplace," he added.

"This development of the street pricing policy reflects months of hard work by the Aviation Department with the Inspector General," the Port Authority's COO stated in a news statement.

This achievement assures airport clients aren't overcharged for items and concessionaires may prosper despite greater operating expenses than off-airport enterprises.

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