One Word That Sums up Every Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Inventive

While others shrink in the face of loss, you strike out on your own in quest of new solutions to old issues.

Taurus: Unwavering

Your humility and practicality make you approachable. Once you've decided, no one can sway you.

Gemini: Clever

Geminis are charming and quick to make acquaintances. You're amazing at reading a room and fitting in with everyone.

Cancer: Intuitive

You are in touch with your emotions, allowing you to comprehend others and see the truth before they do.

Leo: Animated

Leos are the most talkative and assertive signs. Your outgoing attitude and clever humour attract others.

Virgo: Savvy

Virgos are perfectionists. You're trusted since you're unbiased and can analyse issues.

Libra: Lively

Librans are infectious and always seeking for new ways to have fun. You love learning and meeting new people.

Scorpio: Complex

It is very difficult to understand them, what is inside them and what is outside, no one has been able to understand till date.

Sagittarius: Expansive

These people consider life as an adventure and themselves on a mission and they never stop.

Capricorn: Tenacious

You're not power-hungry or preoccupied with money—you're just focused on your goals. You succeed because you never quit.

Aquarius: Eccentric

Aquarius, status quo is for some. It's more intriguing if it's unusual. You love unusual, wacky, and irregular things because they're the most intriguing.

Pisces: Expressive

Pieces are of very creative nature and they make a difference to the surrounding environment and they keep on finding balance in their life.

Most Oblivious Zodiac Sign

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