Order to Never Make at a Chinese Restaurant

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Chinese food is a comfort food favourite in America, along with pizza and fried rice. Just like pizza, certain Chinese foods may be uncomfortably unauthentic or harmful.

Americanized Chinese food is saucier, saltier, and sweeter. General Tso's chicken is a notorious mall food court and takeaway dish.

Popular chicken item shows America's greed. General Tso's chicken is commonly breaded, deep-fried, and covered in a thick sauce in Chinese restaurants.

We placed General Tso's sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours in a soup dumpling. Flavorful yet healthier.

San Francisco's Fang Restaurant doesn't provide General Tso's chicken. She ensures culinary integrity with soup dumplings, a household name.

Since it's popular in the U.S., restaurants are putting eye-catching variations on it, from multicoloured dumpling shells...

Time-tested and genuine Chinese foods shouldn't be over-sauced, over-fried, or over-salted. Keep classics basic and traditional.

Other menu items may be less fresh than chicken dishes in Chinese restaurants. A menu with infinite seafood selections should raise suspicions.

Though there are many fantastic restaurants with large menus, I avoid scallops and other delicate foods in Chinese restaurants with 200+ items.

Huge meals may employ frozen seafood that degrades when thawed. If a restaurant is slow, less-popular dishes may suffer.

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