Patrons Are Boycotting Dunkin' Over Major Change

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Free coffee may have been misjudged by Dunkin'. Jezebel claims that DD Perks app users are upset over a recent update.

New adjustments announced this week make it difficult for consumers to redeem points, requiring 500 to 900 points depending on the kind and quantity of beverage.

Others say discounted points make it harder to obtain and utilise them fast. Some miss the complimentary birthday drink the most.

Fans vented on Reddit. "I'm done with Dunkin," one Reddit member remarked. "After six years, I removed the app.

I knew I needed to cut less on coffee because I had an excellent machine at home, but the new incentives system was the last straw."

Others said the restaurant misrepresented the revamped rewards scheme. "Dunkin', are you kidding? I counted. Even 'boosted,' I'm getting 30% less points than before "A subreddit user noted

Others suggested it would be simple to move to a cheaper chain like McDonald's. "I have an old free drink. I'm done with Dunkin' after this drink "a subreddit user replied.

Fans stated rivals' benefits and prices weren't always superior. "Starbucks' reward system isn't superior, and iced coffee costs $2 more, so I'll continue with Dunkin'," said one customer.

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