Peanut Butter Pie Is Finally available on Costco's Shelves

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The Costco bakery section's sweets, pastries, cookies, and more are the best reason to join. Costco bakes majority of its items in-house, so they're fresher. Customers also avoid baking and cleaning up.

Costco's bakery is known for its pies. From its famous pumpkin pie to its double-crust apple pie, Costco pies are a safe choice, and they just added a new one.

Costco's latest pie flavor arrives in time for Pi Day, March 14. This 4.75-pound peanut butter and chocolate pie is "amazing," according to a Costco member on Instagram.

One consumer showed off Costco's $19.99 peanut butter chocolate pie on Instagram. It has "a light chocolate mousse," peanut butter cream, and a buttery graham cracker crust.

In the video, the peanut butter layer is rich and creamy while the chocolate layer is frothy, providing the pie a tactile contrast while staying smooth.

Online Costco fans were eager to taste the new pie. One user quipped, "I'm pregnant and can't wait to test this."

Some questioned what to do with so much pieā€”five pounds of peanut butter and chocolate mousse could be too much to eat before it spoils.

Another commentator advised freezing individual slices. When desiring a rich dessert, defrost them.

If you adore chocolate and peanut butter desserts, you'll be glad you stashed this Costco pie in the freezer, especially if it's a limited-time or seasonal bakery item.

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