Perfect Crystals for Aquarius Sign

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Aquarians require this strange rock. Moldavite was produced by an asteroid collision millions of years ago.

14K Gold Moldavite Necklace

Bismuth induces relaxation and positive self-esteem. Its vibrations could reduce interpersonal conflict. Bring bismuth to important meetings and interviews.

Rainbow Bismuth Crystal Iridescent Metal

Bixbite (red beryl) guards against energy scavengers and psychic vampires! It puts old wounds to rest and makes room for fresh love.

Natural Red Beryl

Since citrine is thought to contain actual sunlight, it radiates real warmth, unwavering optimism, and happiness that we could all use.

5 Pieces of Tumbled Natural Citrine

When someone or something is draining your energy, this pale pink salt-based stone may assist you clear it while also providing you with fresh insight and clarity.

Pink Halite

Amethyst is said to make the intellect sharper. Birthdays in February make it a keeper! Amethyst helps top chakra healing techniques release stress.

Amethyst Cluster

Sapphire bestows knowledge and insight. It will motivate you to overcome obstacles, gain perspective, and act morally for both yourself and other people.

Blue Sapphire Necklace

This stone helps you be kinder to yourself and others by enhancing your caring, compassionate side, which few people see.

Peach Morganite Stone

High-vibration Crystal of solar energy. It promotes an upbeat outlook and self-assurance, which Aquarius may lack while working excessively hard.

Sunstone Gem

Ideal for long-term memory is sodalite. The "poet's stone" is so named because it fosters creativity, memory, and thought.

Sodalite Palm Stone

When your mind and heart don't agree, use this gem. It improves empathy and facilitates decision-making.

Lot of 25 Rare Xenotime Crystal From Brazil

Ruby encourages audacity, zeal, and optimism. It also arouses your feelings.

Ruby Palm Stones

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