Personal SMART Goals to Improve Your Life

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SMART goals are better than other kinds. SMART goals are smarter, easier, and more certain than other life goals. They aren't as likely to be forgotten as a New Year's resolution.

Choose the best example of a SMART goal to help you improve your life every day.

Goals that are S.M.A.R.T. are clear, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a deadline.

The S.M.A.R.T. approach was first a way for managers to set goals and objectives that were smart. It said :

Specific: Improve one thing in particular.

Measurable: Track your quantifiable goals.

Possible: Figure out who and how.

Realistic: List the results you can get with the resources you have.

Time-related: Give results a deadline or a time frame.

These may be goals or resolutions that aren't clear or SMART. SMART goals help you figure out how to reach your goals. This way, you can make structures that are easier to track and use.


Goal: I will work on nurturing and strengthening my family ties. 

SMART Breakdown

Specific: Every week, I will plan X number of family activities and trips.

Measurable: I'll write down my ideas in a notebook so I can add them to our family calendar.

Attainable: Every month, our family does Taco Tuesday and goes to the movies, so it is possible to schedule family activities.

Relevant: These trips will help strengthen and grow the bonds between all of us as a family.

Time-bound: My goal is to put down a deposit on a family vacation for next summer in six months.

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