Personality Traits of a Cancer

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The Cancer zodiac sign is the cardinal water sign. The crab, the zodiac symbol for Cancer, is a marine crustacean that can move freely between the

water and the beach, symbolising the sign's capacity to exist in both the emotional and physical worlds.

A Cancer's heightened sensitivity to the subtle energies around them manifests physically, as in their innate ability to sense the mood of a room.

These crabs are incredibly perceptive to their surroundings and protective of themselves. Cancers, like their zodiac totem animal, have thick, protective skins.

However, a Cancer's innate kindness, real compassion, and mystical skills become more apparent as time goes on. Remember that it may take some time before you feel like you really know them.

The moon, which represents security, introspection, and nurturing qualities, is Cancer's planetary ruler. As a result, Cancers have a strong affinity for the home.

They delight in making snug, secure areas that they may call "sanctuaries" and then spending a great deal of time there.

Cancers are devoted to their loved ones and often take on caregiving responsibilities as soon as they are able.

Nonetheless, these crabs need to exercise caution: When Cancers invest emotionally, they run the risk of confusing caring for somebody with domineering over them.

Cancers are loyal, committed, and emotional. These crabs are great guests, serving comfort food and drinks. Cancer's attachment to home may be an issue for some.

Celestial crabs avoid direct combat by travelling at an angle, yet they may pinch with their passive-aggressiveness.

If you can get a Cancer to open up without making them feel intimidated, you'll earn their trust.

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